No Country on Earth is 100% Free from Graft and Corruption…but may be rated as bad, worse, or worst

No Country on Earth is 100%

Free from Graft and Corruption

…but may be rated as bad, worse, or worst

By Apolinario Villalobos


There is no “utopia” or paradise-like nation on earth. Even the so-called morally-straight and economically-advanced countries are not free from graft and corruption. All countries, however, may be classified as to the extent of their contamination by these blights of civilization into bad, worse, and worst.


What is admirable about the government officials in some countries, however, is their voluntary act to resign, though some unfortunately commit suicide, if they are suspected to be involved in anomalies or even just being investigated, yet. They do not react with shameful effort and legalistic defenses which happen only in the Philippines.


Still, although, corruption is an accepted occurrence in any government, in the Philippines, it has reached the uncontrolled stage. Some government officials who are voted, appointed, and even with civil service eligibilities seem to be living on the adage, “if others can do it, why can’t I?”.  To date, cases of graft and corruption in the Philippines takes so many years to be resolved with some just shelved into oblivion.


In the Philippines, corruption has become a business. Those who would like to venture into this “endeavor” must put up a substantial fund during the electoral campaign, while exerting all possible effort to get the position they want for the assured return of their “investment”.


Some even enhance their “talent” or “skill” by taking courses that lead to “government management”, such as, Law or Public Administration, and still, if time would allow, further enhance their knowledge acquisition with Masters and Doctorates, the better for them to slap those who would question their credibility with certificates.


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