Herb Island

A Sweet Chili Love

17 June 2015 | Pocheon, South Korea —

Danny’s cousin recommended for us to visit this 82-acre lowly recreational park called Herb Island (포천 허브아일랜드). It’s located in Pocheon, a city in the province of Gyeonggi. Ironically, it is not an island but a theme park showcasing many sorts of flowers, plants and herbs.

P1070580Our trip started right after lunch time. So, it was quite warm and sunny. We purchased our tickets upon entering the entrance gate before parking the car. Then, headed straight to their indoor botanical garden. Inside the greenhouse are tons of plants, a mini man-made waterfalls, and beautiful and colorful flowers in various sizes that I’ve never seen before.


We also visited the Santa Claus Village and a mini barn for donkeys, peacocks, pigs and goats.

7IMG_0518IMG_049562There are few shops that sell candles, scents, herbal pillows, teas, spices, etc., and some products are DIY. Furthermore, a performance hall…

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