Wedding Anniversaries and their Symbols

Wedding Anniversaries and their Symbols

Researched by: Apolinario Villalobos



1st        -paper

2nd        -cotton

3rd        -leather

4th        -fruit, flowers

5th        -wood

6th        -sugar, candy

7th        -wool, copper

8th        -bronze, pottery

9th        -pottery

10th      -tin

11th      -steel

12th      -silk, linen

13th      -lace

14th      -ivory

15th      -crystal

20th      -china (ceramic items)

25th      -silver

30th      -pearl

35th      -coral

40th      -ruby

45th      -sapphire

50th      -gold

55th      -emerald

75th      -diamond


Noticeably, after the 15th anniversary, there are five years gap between the anniversaries, thereafter, until the 55th which has a gap of 20 years before the final which is the 75th. Personally, my view is perhaps, to give time for the husband to save enough money for a more elaborate celebration. As for the long gap between the 55th and 75th, perhaps, it is some sort of a standby period to check the couple’s endurance to live in this chaotic world.


A word of caution, though, for the husband: do not give as gift to the wife, a roll of toilet paper on the first year anniversary, cotton balls on the second year, and a leather dog collar or a leather chastity belt on the third year.


This observance is rooted on the ancient practice of the pagans and handed down the subsequent cultures. Admirably, today we sometimes come across stories of couples with both the husband and wife in their respective wheelchair happily holding hands and being pushed solemnly down the aisle toward the altar for their renewal of vows, on the occasion of their 75th wedding anniversary…in a Catholic church. I am just glad that “My Way” is not sung during this ceremony.

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