I Can’t Change Everything…

I Can’t Change Everything…

By Sheche D. Bernardo

(the poetess is from Polomolok, South Cotabato, Mindanao (Philippines)


I cannot change everything

Persons, animals and things are having their own changes in life.
If a man is sad I cannot change him into happy person.
Even the chirp of the birds I cannot maximize their loud chirp everywhere,
The roar of lion and tiger I cannot change by its demand to minimize their sound.

I cannot change the life of a beggar to renew his or her life to normal,
And also the sky up there, I cannot change its floating moves above.
I cannot change the weather if it is rainy day into sunny day.
I cannot change the persons who have a blue eyes,
because he made us with unique in the eyes of God.

God can only change us, not me.
All I can change is my future not my good conduct at you.
And there is no reason to change myself on you.
It’s because you have been part of my life since then.

Sheche D Bernardo


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