Spectacular people of Bhutan

Astha Gupta

As always, Bhutan was stunningly memorable because of some of the most warm and hospitable people I met there. There were people who volunteered to drop us home when they saw us two girls looking like lost zombies on a mountain road, people who insisted on cooking for us when we stopped to ask them for directions, people who spent fifteen minutes explaining direction to our driver when we couldn’t tell left from the right.

Bhutanese people have large hearts and even larger smiles. They love you wholly and without any expectations. They live fully and appreciate every moment. They seem to brush each instant with their wise and knowing way of awareness, not clinging on to it as if it is an asset never to let go of. They are truly ‘happy’ and not because they want to inflate the country’s gross happiness index. They change their own plans…

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2 thoughts on “Spectacular people of Bhutan

  1. Travel, indeed, is broadening. One gets to know many people: folks who live in the places visited, other visitors, AND oneself. Good tourist experiences is the best diplomacy a country can offer.

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    • true!….isa ang Bhutan sa mga countries na nakaka-intrigue sa akin….when I was in elementary, my most “precious” stamps in my collection were those of Bhutan….I had a pen pal from that country, a teacher…I was in grade five then…


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