Greed and the Civilized Society

Greed and the Civilized Society

By Apolinario Villalobos


Transforming from the practices of various barbarian societies, the execution of justice based on actual commitment of misdeed, has evolved into one that has become founded on supposedly intelligent reasons and fairness, hence, the symbol of the Lady Justice as a blindfolded woman holding a perfectly- balanced scale.


Unfortunately, the intelligence of man is such that he has developed the propensity of circumventing written laws for his advantage. And, since the Lady Justice is blindfolded, she has no way of knowing about the deceitful effort. The Lady Justice leaves everything to the exchanges of  “legal” justifications that paid lawyers let out in court….and further leaves everything to the judge who makes the decision. The problem here is when the innocent has no money for an intelligent lawyer, while on the other hand the perpetrator of the offense can afford to hire an intelligent Bar topnotcher. Still, worst, is when the judge is also caught in the web of payoffs.


Oftentimes, we hear the line, “for every rule, there is an exception” which means that even the best Law of the land can be circumvented by excuses to give exemptions to misdeeds. Oftentimes, exemptions are based on the thickness of the wads of crisp bills. With this situation, where does “justice” come in?


Another popular adage is, “if a misdeed has no complainant, there is no offense”. Oftentimes, this kind of unwritten rule always puts the poor in the disadvantage, because unless he files a complaint against an offender, he could not expect justice. But since the poor victim cannot afford an intelligent lawyer, no case is filed, except a simple police report in the precinct blotter. Also, if a rich offender wants to go scot-free from a misdeed, he can even hire a “fall guy” to take his place.


The Law of the civilized society is supposed to protect the constituents and much effort on the part of the government should be exerted toward this end. Unfortunately, the modern-day barbarians – corrupt officials and wealthy criminals have spoiled everything that put practically all societies on earth in a mishmash jumble! So, it does not matter whether a country belongs to a third world or highly-advanced, as offenses are founded on just one single desire – GREED!


2 thoughts on “Greed and the Civilized Society

    • such symbol is gone to the dogs…kaya sarcastic ako sa pag-mention niyan sa blog ko at sinabi ko na basta may pera lang ang akusado, pwede siyang mag-hire ng magaling na abogado para maabsuwelto siya sa mga kasalanan, pati mga judges dito sa Pinas ay binabayaran na rin….that blog is meant for the Philippine justice system na for me has become a trash…


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