Rodgrigo Duterte: His Mind and Heart…unfairly misunderstood by some

Rodrigo Duterte: His Mind and Heart

…unfairly misunderstood by some

By Apolinario Villalobos


We love to quote, “do not judge a book by its cover”, but many do not seem to understand what it means, as they do not put into practice.


Rodrigo Duterte is one guy who has not been blessed with good looks and this misfortune is aggravated by his habit of venting his anger by mouthing cusses instead of banging his fist on table, punching a wall, etc. But, those who read about his cussing stop right there….at the time he lets out the unsavory statements as an effort perhaps, to prevent his anger from triggering palpitations. They just do not know the guy. And because they do not want to hear his unchristian- like cussing, they declare Duterte to be verrryyyyy bad!


His bad joke way back in 1989 triggered by the rape and death of a young missionary woman has been “exposed” supposedly by the Binay camp. But that was the time when Duterte had barely warmed up his seat as mayor of Davao City. Besides, apologies have been made…so what’s the issue there? Long before he took the stewardship of Davao City, he was already known as a “joker”. His friends can attest to that. But his being a joker has failed to cover up his strong paternal compassion for abandoned children and exploited women, especially, those who are raped and murdered, yet. That is the reason why, he is against drugs which cause the destruction of the youth’s future. Friends in Davao can also attest to that. Those in Davao who may have unkind words for Duterte are the ones who do not want reforms in their own bad lifestyle and in the city. He may have been a “victim” of a Catholic priest when he was a student, but the incident did not dissuade him from strengthening his Catholic faith, that is why, he did not hesitate to ask the help of the city bishopric about his habit of cussing when it came to a point that all his detractors are using it in their effort to demolish him.


Catholics or just plain Christians for that matter have been presidents of the Philippines, but it was also during their time that the country STARTED to suffer from corruption that gave birth to various sufferings of the Filipinos and the Philippines as a whole. These past presidents can be seen in photos in the company of the pope, bishops, priests, but their “graceful” images did not stop the proliferation of corruption in the country. Except for President Quezon who was known to cuss with “punyeta” as his favorite, they show very “godly” image, which in Pilipino can be described as, “hindi makabasag pinggan na ugali”…very kind, soft-spoken. But, what kind of a country do we have now?


The Bible is full of these hypocrites…all temple leaders and supposedly interpreters of God’s words. But, who pushed Jesus Christ towards his doom?….THEY!


Are we assured then, that with their kind words, these loud-mouthed hypocritically promising candidates who are condemning Duterte,  give justice to the exploited Filipinos, when they win?….assuming that they will all “do all possible ways” to win?

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