DUTERTE supporters: “Eto ang HINDI JOKE” (Expect an avalanche of BLACK PROPAGANDAS!)

Pearl of the Orient Journal

Now that ELECTION DAY is less than a month to go, expect that we will be bombarded by a lot of black propaganda against Mayor Duterte in the coming days.

At tulad ng inaasahan we have this “RAPE JOKE” video going viral.

Yes, we have to acknowledge, medyo sablay ang joke. But that will not make us forget

  • …the great thing he did as a Leader
  • …na hindi siya nangurakot at nagpayaman habang nasa puwesto
  • …That though he made it part of a joke, HE did a lot of things to protect the WOMEN and Children (even those cancer patient kids)
  • …Ang mga bagay na pinatupad niya against criminality and drug abuse
  • …And so on to name a few

And THAT should not change OUR VOTE.

Moreover, if you will watch the full video, it’s actually a mere narrative na sinabi niya dahil sa galit sa hosrage takers #biasmedia


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