Bothell Reporter: Blind Bothell man walks to Canada for water, awareness

Earth Pilgrim

This is a story written by Aaron Kunkler of the Bothell Reporter about Dylan Raines’ 100 mile #WalkForWater from Seattle to Canada to raise awareness and funds for clean water in South Sudan. 

Walking is a way of life for one Bothell man who spent the better part of last week walking some 100 miles from Mill Creek to the Canadian border in an attempt to raise money and awareness for a cause.

Dylan Raines, 30, moved to Bothell last fall from northern California, where he walked more than 1,000 miles along the Oregon coast last summer giving sermons.

And while it’s an impressive feat in itself there’s also the fact that Raines is also blind.

Around six years ago Raines was diagnosed with keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease where the cornea begins to protrude, causing extreme near-sightedness and blindness.

So in 2010 Raines gave up his driver’s license and…

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