Evangelists Should Dwell on Virtues Rather than Supposedly “Weaknesses and Sins” of Rival Religions

Evangelists Should Dwell on Virtues Rather than

Supposedly “Weaknesses and Sins” of Rival Religions

By Apolinario Villalobos


I cannot comprehend how some “evangelists” can have the heart to lambast rival religions or sects by citing their supposedly “weaknesses” and “sins”. With arrogance, these “evangelists” delight in mocking them in front of TV cameras and microphones in radio stations. In the first place, these “evangelists” are in no way, have the right in pointing their dirty and accusing finger at other churches. Who are they to judge, anyway? Proudly, they hold up in the air, their “bible” as the source of their accusations.


Obviously, these unfair and egoistic “evangelists” who translate Bible passages literally have outdated information about it, as it is no longer viewed as “unchanging” and “reliable” due to discovered inconsistencies by no less than authorities of different churches. Despite such findings, however, for the sake of maintaining the staunch belief of the faithful, the Bible is still held in high esteem by the “sane” and “reasonable”, or better, “intelligent” evangelists who emphasize its essence around which revolve virtues taught by Jesus. Their effort is commendable in dwelling on the goodness and relevance of brotherhood, implying that despite differences, many religions worship only One God.


The proud, loud, and blubber-mouthed “evangelists”, on the other hand, are the reasons why animosity developed among religions and their sects. Instead of espousing the virtues such as love, compassion, charity, etc. – all positive, and innately common among the faithful, they insanely and with animated hand gestures, yet, proudly claim that they have successfully “exposed” anomalies in rival religions. These proud “evangelists” obviously failed to realize that ALL religions and their sects have their respective “uniqueness” in manifesting their faith which comes in different ceremonies and rituals. On the other hand, the arrogant “evangelists” claim that only they have the right to salvation, as though, they are God’s chosen people!


I may offend fanatics but for me, it is immaterial whether Jesus is the Son of God or one of the Prophets sent by God, because the focus should be on his teachings, as those of Mohammed, the Buddha, the various Saints, etc., who not only revealed God’s messages, but act out what are uttered by their lips.


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