Myanmar’s “WoW”

A Traveler's Tale

February 2016:  Traveling towards a township on a provincial road in Myanmar, I was scanning the roadside scenery for some good photos when I spotted something on the road that I initially did not believe I was seeing.  A portion of the road was under repair, a number of workers were busy doing the construction, and they were all women!  Not believing my eyes, I asked my companion if this is something normally happening in the country.  The answer was yes and all I managed to mutter was  “WOW!” before my camera started clicking and our car started to regain speed.

Women in Construction A sight quite unique to Myanmar: a road construction workforce comprised of women

On the way to another place a few days later, I closely watched the road, on the lookout for the admirable women.  I managed to make a few clicks and went to bed that…

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