Be Sensitive to the Desire of Others for Privacy and Mutual Respect

Be Sensitive to the Desire of Others

for Privacy and Mutual Respect

By Apolinario Villalobos


Be sensitive to what our friends want when it comes to their privacy and their subtle desire to be respected as they do to us. We should not throw our weight around them or be nosy about their private affairs, or be too fatherly or motherly, or too elderly in treating them. Some people or friends for that matter are too shy to protest against our intrusive acts. Take note that not everybody is boastful or arrogant or too self-confident, if we have that kind of personality. Be sensitive about our friends’ body language as a simple silence could mean a lot.


We should always remember that what may be applicable to us, may not apply to them. If we allow for instance, friends to just barge in our home without knocking at the door anytime of the day, some of our friends may not, as they consider such act as too presumptuous or worse, abusive. Some friends may not want to be asked about any problem that might be nagging them, as their overly private character has made them too secretive about such sensitive matter.


We should learn how to “give a suggestion” instead of “impose an advice” just because those we want to help are younger than us or belong to a lesser social status. Let respect of their person and wisdom prevail. In this regard and based on my encounters, I found that even some of those who have earned only elementary education have wiser or sounder decisions than those who got educated in prestigious colleges and universities to earn “high-end courses”.


Finally, be careful and ever gentle in browsing through the pages of a book and most of all…do not judge it by its cover.


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