When Friendship is Falsified and Abused

When Friendship is Falsified and Abused

By Apolinario Villalobos


Friendship can be tagged with related words such as congeniality, hospitality, love, trust, intimacy and many more synonyms that go with positive relationship between two and among many people.


The problem with some people is that they do not have the common sense of assessing their capacity to manifest friendship to the point of falsifying it, so that at the end, they feel bad if they think their congeniality has been abused. At the start, they should have restrained themselves from giving hints to others that their being “accommodating” is limitless.


Manifestation of friendship may vary according to the degree of closeness and trust that one would like to show to their friends. In this regard, some friends may just be good for drinking sprees, some as buddies who can be trusted even with personal problems, some as sources of financial support, some as “escorts” in elitist occasions or ballroom dancing and some may be fortunately treated as best friends forever or “bff”.


On the other hand, some people abuse the friendship shown to them, especially, on the aspect of finances. They assume that because of friendship, they can always borrow money from their rich friends without even the courtesy of an excuse if they failed to pay back on time, though most often, they really have no intention of doing such. Some also, practically exploit their “friends” whose social status is lesser than theirs, by treating them as some kind of servants whose usefulness is good in doing errands, driving them around, cooking for them during special occasion at home, etc, but never brought along to discriminatory  parties of elite colleagues.


There are “true friends”, no doubt about that, but we should try to understand the extent of the sincerity in such kind of relationship. We should not feel bad, therefore, if we find out that we are left out during some occasions, or we do not know some goings on, finding them out only in photos posted on facebook. In other words, as already aforementioned, a person has a “fitting role” to play in the life of his or her friends depending on their need, and the former’s skill or character. That is a fact that should be accepted, for a Biblical legend says that even God has His own “chosen people”….His “true and trusted friends”….but who, at the end, betrayed His trust!


Nevertheless, one sure occasion that all kinds of friends can really bond together is the school reunion during which, even “enemies” during school days embrace, kiss and shed tears of excitement and joy that overshadow boxing and kicking bouts, spats and hair pulling incidents in the past!



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