The Convenience and Curse of the Hi-Tech Social Media

The Convenience and Curse of the Hi-Tech Social Media

By Apolinario Villalobos


Hackers can pick up personal information from ATM receipt and airline boarding pass. There is a gadget today that can be used to scan them for personal information of the identification owner. The best thing to do then is shred into pieces the used airline boarding pass and ATM receipt. Do not throw used boarding pass ATM receipt in trash cans or just anywhere in their intact form.


Restrain yourself from posting revealing personal information in your facebook to impress viewers. Do not use this social media as a diary. The most no-no is posting the interior of your lavishly furnished homes, again, to impress friends. Some even go to the extent of posting jewelries as if telling viewers to eat their heart out in envy, while others announce to the world that they will be out-of-town to enjoy weeks-long vacation.


Hackers can pick up passwords and usernames in free wi-fi sites, so that it is advised that upon reaching home, the passwords that were used in free wi-fi sites should be changed immediately. Some hackers frequent free wi-fi areas such as malls, airports, parks, hotel lobbies, and others to fish for easily hacked passwords.


Delete the history in the computer used in internet cafes. Hackers can retrace the route taken by browsers who forgot to delete the sites and pages that they opened and explored. The sites opened by the browser can betray his or her personality that hackers can use in invading his or her privacy. This should also be done when using personal computers such as laptop or desktop as they might be used by “friends” with unpleasant intention.


It is sad to note that the high-technology that brought about comfort and unquestionably helpful social media also brought with it a curse of destruction to the careless. The best protection that we can give ourselves is a reminder not to be too trusting.

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