Tokens of Love for the Beloved

Tokens of Love for the Beloved

By Apolinario Villalobos


One need not be rich

to show the love that throbs in his heart.

Tokens are not measured

by the weight of gold and value of paper bills…

not even by the vastness of the land he owns,

or fleet of cars in his garage.

A sincere token of love can be felt by the beloved –

even a peck on the check,

a hug that need not be chokingly tight

but warm enough,

to send a tinge of assurance

that he is just around.



Tokens of love need not be

the oft-repeated promises

broken in a fleeting second by temptations.

A sweet smile that parts the lips

and a touch of one’s finger tips

are enough for tears

to roll down the beloved’s face

and a suppressed sob –

at last, that she lets out

as his love for her…

she can no longer doubt.



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