Presently Living in the Remnants of the Past

Few days ago, was the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law. I heard some said never again, some wanted revenge and a lot never really cared.

I thought I will not write anything about this matter as I did last year. Oh well, no. I wrote it 2 years ago (oh no! has it been that long?) and as I go through what I have written I was trying to figure out if my resolve has changed as the year passed.

No. Not that I changed my beliefs but I think my approach on the subject has ventured into a much more refined path.

I was appalled by Pnoy’s statement on revenge on the Marcoses. I wasn’t expecting such words from a mature person, much more from a President of a Christian nation.

There were protesters shouting “Never Again” to martial law, never again shall we lose our freedom.

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Never Put to Test the Faith of a Person

Never Put to Test the Faith of a Person

By Apolinario Villalobos


Some people have the habit of putting to test the faith of others. They should take extra care as regards this kind of attitude due to the rise of so many groups that used to be part of the Roman Catholic Church, for instance, and whose primary reason for leaving is the realization that the ceremonious Mass is not for them, though their exit does not necessarily mean the erosion of their faith in God.


Not only are some of the Roman Catholic adherents have this kind of attitude but others who belong to other churches and the various congregations that mushroomed around, assuming different names – all in the name of Jesus. For them, those who “deprive” themselves of the “words of God” will not be saved. But then, what can these “holy” words do when they are not put into action or practiced? A fanatic person may eat the whole Bible, page by page every day, but it will not do him any good if he or she cannot even say “Hi!” to a neighbor.


The best test of faith founded on what Jesus really wanted done, is the test of one’s own. If one can honestly sacrifice for others, share with others, and be consistent in doing them, there is no need to look around and see what others are doing. By then, others will instead emulate what he does. That is what I call faith by practice…that everyone should do, instead of testing that of someone else’s. Do not give somebody the opportunity to put you to shame by sarcastically asking, “…how about you?”