Guide to Getting the CFO-GC Certificate & Sticker

The Pinay Ajumma

DISCLAIMER: This is solely based on my experience yesterday. What I submitted to them (documents) may or may not be asked from you. (Kindly click the following underlined words for the links.)

Considering that I’m married to a foreign national, I for a fact need to obtain the Guidance and Counseling Certificate and the Emigrant Registration sticker (applicable only when you’re moving to your partner’s country) from the CFO. I’d be glad to share how it’s done as briefly as possible.

The very first thing to do is to make anonline appointment. I currently reside in Cebu, hence I chose to attend the GCP in CFO-Cebu.

Located here:

4th Floor, K&J BDLG., #4 Don Julio Llorente St., Capitol Site, Cebu City, Philippines
Telefax: (032) 255-5253; E-mail:                                            …

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