2 thoughts on “Casablanca. Artistic soul / Artystyczna dusza

  1. In Morocco, I saw very few women. Desk clerks at the hotel, tour guides, shopkeepers, orange juice vendors, airline office employees, etc., etc. were mostly men. Were the women staying indoors, weaving carpets and preparing those time-consuming recipes for the men’s arrival back home?

    It was a visit to a decidedly exotic culture. Donkeys pulled carts laden with goods to the market, most everyone of the men wore those long flowing robes, camels were pulling the plow in the fields on the road from Marrakech to Essaoira… I felt like I was back in Biblical times!

    And the square at Djema el Fna! It’s an experience never to be forgotten: the music, the food, the smoke from the open fires where cooks fried the ubiquitous eggplants and other dishes, the curious crowds, the water sellers, the hermaphrodite (I didn’t really believe he/she was one.).

    I’m glad I saw these, BUT I didn’t enjoy seeing mostly male Moroccans.

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