2 thoughts on “Patagonia

  1. What dramatic scenery! Thanks to the intrepid traveler-photographer who enabled us to enjoy these eye candy.

    When I visited that part of the world. I stayed in the comfort of a cruise ship, hahaha! Started in Buenos Aires where I learned to tango, down the east coast of South America (including a failed attempt to tender to the Falklands), around Cape Horn, to various spots of interest in Tierra del Fuego, Strait of Magellan, and the Beagle Channel, then up the Chilean coast, ending in Valparaiso. I came out of the trip with a deeper admiration for Magellan and his crew. Reading Pigafetta’s account while traversing the region made my modern exploration a real trip through history.

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    • I have with me a book about Magellan at doon nabanggit ang travel niya from Spain at dumaan diyan sa Patagonia where he and his crew met the “giants”…kaya intrigued ako with Patagonia…


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