Pulong Niyugan – Lopez, Quezon’s Hidden Sanctuary

Jannispaghetti = Wanderlust

***Erratum: It was brought to my attention that Pulong Niyugan is part of Hondagua and not Lopez. This was commented on by the locals at the end of this post. I sincerely apologize if I was not able to research on this further. According to the Quezon’s Local Government Page, Hondagua is part of Lopez and this was what I believed in up until it was corrected. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it sincerely. I hope no one would get offended further as this was an honest mistake, –something that someone who’s not a local, and is looking from a tourist’s point of view, would not know (I cannot change the title of this blog as well, as the URL of the blog is dependent on the title. If I do this, all links will render futile. I hope you guys understand.)

Even research could not provide…

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