A Dinner of Sitao and Shrimp TEMPURA


The shrimp was fresh; they were transparent and plump, the heads firmly attached to the rest of the body. Time for a catch-of-the-day dinner, I decided.  Bought about two dozen pieces and a bunch of sitao, Asian long beans which Mark loves.

I prepared the shrimp tempura style, and he sautéed the sitao with garlic. Two glasses of white wine, and we were set.

What is tempura? Sounds like a Japanese word, right? It calls to mind terms like sakura, meaning “cherry blossom,” or the greeting konbanwa, meaning “good evening.”

Tempura is a method of cooking by which fish and vegetables are dipped into a batter and fried quickly in plenty of hot oil. Some sources say that Portuguese missionaries brought tempura to Japan in the 16th century. I say maybe not; people can independently develop methods of cooking; and frying batter-dipped fish or veggies isn’t…

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