I had champurado for breakfast during my recent vacation in Manila. It was soooo good!

Reminded me of “those days,” when life was simpler.  Back then, we received mail through postal delivery and were contacted by telephone when the matter was “more urgent.”  There were no e-mails or text messages to check daily, or hourly, heaven forbid!  Life was slower; one could linger over breakfast, savoring warm spoonsful of champorado – chocolate-flavored glutinous rice, seasoned with sugar and evaporated milk, each mouthful counter-pointed by a morsel of salty fish, fried to a crisp.

My breakfast of champurado, seasoned just-so with sugar and evaporated milk.
and complemented by fried salted dilis (anchovies).
The fish were filleted before drying:  ka-runch and yum!

Champurrado, the genuine article, is a Mexican drink that came with the galleon trade between Acapulco and Manila. Basically, it is a mixture of corn flour and water or…

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