How Did We Get the DALANDAN?


When I was a kid growing up in the Sampaloc district of Manila, we had a neighbor who would come from her vacation in Lobo, Batangas, laden with fruit to give away to friends.

Included in this bounty are loads of dalandan: green-skinned citrus the size of baseballs, with sweet orange flesh and a delicate taste that is slightly different from that of its more famous (and expensive) cousin, the Sunkist orange.

We always ate dalandan out of hand, peeling the skin off and putting each juicy section into our mouths until the whole fruit was gone, which was no time at all. Years later, as a guest in a friend’s fancy pad in the Rockwell area of Ortigas, MetroManila, I was served fresh-squeezed dalandan juice in a frosted glass.

Why didn’t we think of juicing it ages ago? But no matter; dalandan is now juiced for serving…

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