Beam Me Back to Bratislava Slovakia~


I want to go back to the Christmas Market to shop and eat. I would buy some of these aromatic dried fruit and spice hangars for myself and my friends. They smell and look divine. I couldn’t buy any because there was no room in my suitcase.


They also have soap and bath salt hangars that would make your bath smell heavenly.

Eating is the principal reason I want to go back to the Christmas Market! The hot off the grill lokse or potato pancakes were ridiculously good.


The piping hot langos, which are garlic fried potato flatbread, were out of this world.
Top it off with a cup of hot, spiced, mulled wine, in a variety of flavors, and you can see why I want to beam back there right now! That was my cup of spiced red wine you are looking at.
They had all sorts of fabulous…

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