The Agony of Mother Nature

The Agony of Mother Nature

By Apolinario Villalobos


Her  womb brought  forth  life of many sorts

On top of the list is man – wise, clever, shrewd

A creature so sharp, with ego that knows no bound

He, whose selfishness buoyed him up from the ground.


At  the start, his simple desire brought him food

Also, skins and leaves to cover his bare fragile frame

Then, his carnal yearnings brought him abundant broods

Who later inhabited  vast lands – plains, valleys, and woods.


Man’s desire has no end,  never  satisfied, not a bit

He not only breached,  what to others are sacred realms

Unmindful  and blind to  what will be the  consequence –

Even daring to break  Mother Nature’s idyllic, blissful silence.


Greed drove man to scalp mountains of  their  trapping –

Verdant and lush forests felled by  indiscriminate burning

Reverberating  screams of chainsaws  fill nooks and crevices

Drowning panicky bird calls  and  their  desperate screeches.



Immaculate white and sandy beaches strewn with shells

Though, still practically  fringe  undiscovered islands and coves

May no longer be what they are now,  as found  by those lucky

For their days are numbered   just like the rest, now drowned in misery.


Islands pockmarked with diggings for much-coveted  minerals

Pitifully barf residue to rivers, lakes, coves, even gurgling springs

While man grins his widest for the cash, illicitly and cruelly gained

Mother Nature just cringe in agony,  abused,  that for long she pained.


The air that man breaths for whiffs of comfort, relief, and dear life –

Now has become a mist of poison, the scourge of his irresponsibility

For bringing forth metallic contraptions belching toxin just everywhere

And even break auditory succor, shaking the world with so much clatter.


With Mother Nature in agony –

man is left…alone,

 to determine his destiny!

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