SAMALAMIG To Beat the Heat


Let’s practice saying it: SAMA-LAMIG.  SAMA-LAMIG… SAMA-LAMIG!

That is how street vendors say it in Manila and environs, accented on the second syllable.  Language purists will say it’s pronounced wrong, because the adjective malamig, meaning “cold,” is accented on the last syllable.  However, the vendors’ way of  chanting the name of their products has taken precedence, in the spirit of  whoever screams the loudest wins, ha-ha-ha.

Actually, the complete statement is  Dito, sa malamig! Sa malamig, or “Here, for a cold drink!  For a cold drink!”

It’s an important – and convenient, and inexpensive, and delicious – way of hydration, having a glass of samalamig

During my recent two-week vacation in Antipolo City, a part of metro Manila,  the days were consistently hot.  Even during out-of-town trips, which took me to interesting towns  along Laguna de Bai; around Lake Taal; beside the Manila Bay shoreline to Ternate, Cavite; and…

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