Daan Matuwid and Politics: Oil and Water


To be strict the to the ideals of the so called Daang Matuwid (DM) is to abjure any and all indications of politics.  Politics in its essence is the art of compromise or quite simply, horse-trading, my due apologies to the horse species.

The practical side of Daang Matuwid i.e. to gather as much political support in time for elections, is prone to the fact of politics. How much this ideal is watered down depends on the players in the political arena.

Already, we have been hearing of local political developments in the countryside that tend to make the “daan” crooked than what it ought to be intended.  Due to the practical realities of elections, the LP (self-acclaimed vanguards of the DM) has alienated LP originals due to the gravitation of non-LP members to the LP coalition.  Call them turncoats if you will, but in reality, who isn’t?

How the…

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