Lenny Robredo should stop being Tactless by Attacking the Campaign Style of Duterte

Lenny Robredo should Stop Being Tactless

By Attacking the Campaign Style of Duterte

By Apolinario Villalobos


Lately, Duterte was practically forced to declare that if Lenny Robredo does not like him, she does not like her also. In the past, Duterte was mum about Robredo as the running mate of Roxas. Many are wondering what made her utter such unsavory remarks about Duterte which is more personal than political. First her ad lines, such as giving her all if voted to the position, gave her an ugly trapo image…and now she is personally attacking Duterte by saying that she does not like his campaign style. She has no business in saying that because they are vying for different national positions. It would be a pity if she did that to show Pnoy and the Liberal Party that she is worth the opportunity given to her despite the fact that she was the last choice. Clearly, she is showing a “sipsip” attitude, another mark of an ugly “trapo”.


She must remember that she is just a “beneficiary” of a grossly unfortunate circumstance – the death of her husband, Jess Robredo who, Filipinos know was not given much importance while still alive by the Aquino administration, as a “proposed cabinet official”, because until the time of his death, he was not confirmed as Secretary of DILG. In other words, I could surmise that had he not met the fatal accident, he would still be on acting capacity, knowing the attitude of the President. And, she would just be an obscure figure in their province. She also benefited from the culture of the Filipinos who “love” the downtrodden…the “inaapi”…the lowly “kasambahay”…and then she as the “widowed” helpless mother of female children whose father was an “inaapi” “acting secretary”.


If ever, she should present a personality that oozes with humility, and as an intelligent mother. She cannot show her worth by being feisty in attacking the person of those running against the candidates of “her” Liberal Party. As the Vice-President has no definite position in the government, she should instead, present her views on many issues that beset the country today, such as poverty, low wage, unemployment, influx of foreign exploiters of natural resources, the Lumads, street children, etc. With those, the voters will know that she is prepared for any position that will be given to her by the elected president, be it Roxas or somebody from the opposition.


If she is intelligent enough as what her followers are trying to project, she should think twice before doing the dirty trapo tricks because, even if she will be voted, especially, as the Filipinos deem that the administration is trying to move heaven and earth to save Aquino for being prosecuted if the opposition wins, the smear on her image will stay – as long as she lives…a taint on her late husband’s name…not hers.

4 thoughts on “Lenny Robredo should stop being Tactless by Attacking the Campaign Style of Duterte

  1. What exactly did Leni (LR) say that is deemed unsavoury? She just said that in her city, they were able to achieve a level of development similar to Davao without the hardline stance of Du30. That’s it. Unless this country has gone back to the time of Martial Law, LR, along with any Juan, Pedro and Boy in this country have every right to present their views and opinions. Just as the writer has every right to criticise anyone in his blog. Hey, if anyone was tactless it should be Du30! And Du30 is loved for being so. Just as he can take as much as he can shoot (figuratively), I guess his followers should be able to do so as well.

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      • Who would have thought that it would be du30-leni in the end? Allegations of cheating aside, the last elections proved that while the majority desperately wants change, they also chose Leni to balance the acerbic tone of the former. Imagine a du30-cayetano admin! I like Cayetano but both of them up there makes me jittery.

        And who would have thought that Leni could make it all the way! If the VP position could talk, it would have said to Poe, “you had me at hello!”.

        Keep on writing!

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