When We Are Hungry

Ang Huling Hugotero

One of the symptoms of the human condition is hunger. No matter how rich you are, no matter how much food you have, you have probably felt hungry before. Hunger is the body’s ways of telling us that we need sustenance. It tells that there is something lacking, a void that needs to be filled.

Of course, hunger is an uncomfortable position to be in. It makes makes us weak. It gnaws our bones. We feel it overriding everything in our hearts and minds. Unfulfilled and deprived of nourishment, the body soon consumes itself to fulfill the basic requirements of living. Eventually, if left to run its course, hunger will kill us. This is the situation for millions of souls all over the world. Poverty and a lack of resources are killing people and it is an enemy that is hard to defeat. It is therefore a very serious matter…

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