Lenny Robredo Must be Very Careful in making Promises this Early which is not yet even Within the Campaign Period

Lenny Robredo Must be Very Careful

In Making Promises this Early which is not yet even

Within the Campaign Period

By Apolinario Villalobos

I am still shocked by the bold promise of Lenny Robredo who is the running mate of Roxas for the 2016 election, as the latter’s Vice-Presidential candidate. She boldly declares over the airlanes “…ibibigay ko sa inyo ang lahat sa buhay ko…” (I will give you everything in my life), referring perhaps to her promise to work for the Filipinos if she wins as vice-president. Whoever made that speech for her must be out of his or her mind, for he or she did not even think that the lady senator has a family, and she is a single mom after her husband Jess, who until an untimely death was not confirmed by Pnoy as Secretary of DILG. Ironically and shamelessly, the administration is using the popularity of the downtrodden Jess, for their selfish motive.  And, to complete the exploit, they turned their attention to the widow, Lenny, a neophyte politician and whom the Liberal Party has perceived as a “clean” one yet, and therefore, a “noble” pawn for another grand plan.

Definitely, Lenny cannot give 100 percent of her time to the country, as all her children need her, and with the youngest trying to finish her studies, yet. In the first place, she should have not used such ludicrous speech that has immediately aligned her with the rest of the good-for-nothing-but-promises-only politicians. It made her an instant “trapo” (traditional politician)….so unfortunate, indeed for such a refined lady who has been waylaid by hollow ideals and false promises. She should have  used a better sounding but simple, honest and motherly statement, instead.  Indications are very clear that she will be used for the selfish motives of the people who are trying to evade legal prosecution if Roxas loses.  Now, being the last choice, as there has been no other ambitious politician left to take the risk of mumbling the “matuwid na daan” mantra after a long and tedious courting of Grace Poe has failed, Lenny is now providing second voice to the songs of Roxas about the legendary “matuwid na daan”.

If Lenny Robredo wins due to political manipulations, as she must, to give support to Roxas as grandly planned, that will be the end of her “clean image”, though, not her political career. For as long as she is attached to the team of Pnoy, she will definitely suffer the same disgust and ridicule thrown to them by the disgruntled Filipinos who know what are really happening….Filipinos who are not blinded by falsehood. In the meantime, she will be safe in the shadow of Pnoy and company….until no opposition has assumed authority in years to come.  But, if along the way, her innate principle about honest living prevails and make her decide to resign….that would be a whammy victory for Pnoy, Mar, and their cohorts, and they may not even give a damn about the road she will take next, as she has done her part – provide a softening element to the hardened bad image of the administration!

When the youngest Robredo daughter gave a speech at the televised wake of her father, she sort of compared herself to Kris Aquino who became popular after her father, Benigno, Sr. was slain. She even jokingly asked, if she will also become an actress like Kris whose popularity has been magnified when her mother, Cory became President. Is the dream of the youngest daughter of the would-be-vice-president played an important role in Lenny’s decision to finally accept the invitation of Pnoy and company?

Filipinos should be wary of politicians who swear by the name of God and willing to be struck by lightning…and willing to sacrifice their whole life, just to show that they are sincere in their promise. All of those who are in position did it during their campaigns in the past…and God knows what happened to the poor Philippines!

My disgusted feeling dictates that my wholehearted support for Lenny Robredo ends where her manipulation by the greedy begins…