On Extra-Terrestials, Man’s Evolution, His Toxic Food and Self-Destructive Habits

On Extra-Terrestials, Man’s Evolution,

His Toxic Food and Self-Destructive Habits

By Apolinario Villalobos

I believe that man went through evolution to become what he is now, but via genetic manipulation by the ET’s who came to earth thousands of years ago, and not through the “natural” process as Charles Darwin alleged. When before, scientists were skeptical and avoided discussion about the issue, today, they are more than open and willing, even going to the extent of bringing out to light long-kept dissertations and clippings. Even the Vatican has dipped her finger into the issue, as there are sketches and paintings with religious themes, and with landscapes that include controversial spherical objects hovering in the background. Some painted Nativity scenes are depicted with UFOs as the source of the light illuminating the manger, instead of a star. Even the “angels” whose ability to fly is symbolized by feathered wings are now presumed as ET spacemen equipped with flying gear.

Images from the past in the form of sculptures, paintings, and embossed renditions used “symbols” to indicate different qualities of leaders and gods, represented by animals, such as lion, leopard, cat, dog, eagle, bull, etc. These representations were made by early earthlings, who were artistically skilled but limited in scientific knowledge. The symbols, then, literally manifested the physical characteristics of gods being presented without the need for text in any form.  Along this line, the bull horns and lion have been, since the early time, used to represent power and strength, that is why, most gods are shown wearing headgear with horns, or whose head is that of a lion. These images purportedly represent visiting ETs.

Different ET’s that may have landed on different regions of the earth, could have “developed” their “own people” out of the upright walking creatures that they found, particularly the apes. This process could have involved the use of their (ET) own genes to modify or improve the earthlings’ characteristics. For doing this, the ETs may have selfish motives. It should be noted that apes are not just of a single kind, and their characteristics depend on the region where they thrive. The gene modification could have resulted then, to early earthlings with different characteristics depending on their region, and which have manifested in the color of their skin, height, shape of the face, kind of hair, etc. In the Old Testament of the Bible, there are mentions about races or tribes that suddenly appear from nowhere.  I thought of this because different races in the Bible kept on insisting about the power of “their own” god ….a recognition that they give to the power of their “creator”.

Each race even had a name of its own god. This is how I reconciled the differences of races that are populating different regions of the earth, such as the blacks in Africa, the white-skinned and blond-haired in the western and northern hemispheres, the chinky-eyed with white skin in the east, and the slightly to dark brown, short people in the south, and southeast. Obviously, they did not evolve from fish, lizards, etc that Charles Darwin had insisted in his theory of “natural” evolution, more so from apes, otherwise, today there should already be hairless, pretty and handsome apes with curly or straight hair, black or blond hair,  broad or aquiline nose, or walking fish and lizards. On the contrary, the apes of the thousand years ago are still the same apes that we find today.

In laboratories today, gene modification, cloning, and organ transplant are being done, as if scientists are dissecting frogs…meaning, the three mentioned processes are being done with ease because of modern medical technology. Where did such knowledge and ability come from? Of course, not from the early earthlings!  It is a big question that the religious and the overly skeptics still hate to hear. But for sure, they did not come from apes!

The health-conscious of today are against the scientific process of gene modification when applied to vegetables, grains, and fruits. They forgot however, that the modern fruits and grains are the result of this process to make them juicier, seedless, soft, sweeter, etc. The corn that we know today did not come in cobs, thousands of years ago. The corn of long ago had grains, instead of the big and chewable kernel. Corn is among those mentioned as food in the Bible, but they did not come in cobs, that is why nothing can be found in the Bible about “roasting of corn cobs”, but “baking of corn grits”, when what they meant actually were “corn grains”.

Other grains that were supposed to have originated in a region, somewhere in Turkey, were developed to improve their size, and even rice originally grew in swamps not on land. It should be noted that Turkey is among the regions purportedly used by the ETs as their landing ports, according to myths in the Bible.  In some regions of America, wild rice is still being harvested from swamps. Today, there is an effort to make rice resistant to floods, short of saying that it is being returned it to its former watery habitat.

Cross-breeding is one way of altering the genes of plants and animals, and this process still fall under the process of gene modification. There are many other genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are discreetly introduced. Lately, however, just because scientists would like to make vegetables last long and resistant to pest, health-conscious groups, are overreacting by  declaring them dangerous as they could alter the “characteristics” of man, and worse, even as unhealthy. When did man start living healthily, anyway, when all these claims for healthy living are full of deception?

These western groups are the ones that flood the social media with the contra-indications of natural substances and drugs. They feed the internet with information about fruits that should not be eaten together with certain meat or fish. They even come out with “findings” about certain fish not fit for consumption, such as tilapia because of the level of toxic substance in its meat, when practically all fish that thrive in the oceans have high toxin level, especially those in the European waters that have become dumping ground of toxic materials.  Why single out tilapia? Because of their allegations, all fishes should better be banned as they are poisonous!

These groups promote “organic food” – vegetables, fruits and meat that are not supposedly fertilized and fed with the harmful synthetic chemicals, but they forgot that the air is replete with toxin. In other words, the “organic food” that these groups allege to be safe are still contaminated due to the toxin from the atmosphere that they absorb since the first day of their growth.

Ironically, man continues to fill the air, the oceans, lakes and streams with the sediments of modern technology that he invented to be used for his survival….an unconscious(?) self-destruction. No food in its “pure” state can be found anywhere on earth. The quantity of toxin, though, that is taken in by man, depends on the region where he lives, thus, determines the length of his stay on earth….of course, with special consideration to available modern medical technology. In this regard, the third-world countries that have become the “catch basins” of these toxins, but without modern medical facilities are at the mercy of the highly progressive nations due to their factories that spew toxins in various forms …while their people enjoy the protection of their modern medical facilities.

This blog is not meant to destroy the faith in God. I believe that the universality of God is such that whatever faith we have in Him, could have just been passed on to us by the “better kind” of visiting ETs thousands of years ago. And, as regards the issue on creation, the ETs could also be the creations of God and who just delved in science to modify other creatures to suit their needs, hence, the evolution of the earthlings from the modified ape. This is what the highly intelligent earthlings are doing today…modifying creations to improve their “quality” and maximize their usability. So, why make the issues on UFOs, ETs, God, Creation, and Man very complicated that just result to unnecessary confusion? Are the religious and scientific authorities hiding information from the rest of the earthlings….though, may be divulged at the most appropriate time?

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