The Senior Citizens…(a message to the the youth)

The Senior Citizens

(…a message to the youth)

By Apolinario Villalobos

Never scorn or despise the senior citizens. Without them, the world may not have been fit for habitation for your generation and of the rest to come. Without them, there would have been no bright guys running the governments. From the senior citizens seeds of humanity have been issued to bring forth different races that roam the earth.

The senior citizens toiled day and night to earn so that the youth in their care can eat decent meals and earn knowledge from institutions of learning. They sat it out all night when the youth in their care got sick. They cried when the youth in their care finally succumbed to eternal sleep because of incurable disease. The woman senior citizen carried what would become a child for nine months which is the fulfillment of her life as a mother. The elderly man literally broke his back in carrying loads to earn an honest living for the growing youth in his care.

Never hate the senior citizens just because they break cups and plates due to their trembling hands. Never call them useless creatures just because you feed them. Remember that they have exhausted their savings to buy you nice clothes, gadgets and pay for your tuition. Never neglect their needs for medical attention, because you might be thinking that it is best that they finally rest if their deterioration is hastened. You, the youth, are treading the road that leads to where they are now.

The senior citizens should be esteemed. They deserve the same care that they once gave you as a growing child. They should not be caricatured because of their wrinkled skin, stooped posture, bowed legs, gummy smile and chinky eyes due to dimming sight. They should not be shunned because of a typical smell, as they can no longer take a bath on their own.

The senior citizens should be loved the way they loved you, the very minute you saw the first ray of light when you were born into this world. They need to feel the same warmth that they gave you when they hugged your frail body. They deserve love more than anything in this world.

You, the youth, will become like them…ripened by time and toughened by ordeals.  They are you, years from now…

3 thoughts on “The Senior Citizens…(a message to the the youth)

  1. this is your comment in poetry:

    we are not who we are right now
    because we ow this kind of generation to them…
    we may have different beliefs, system and personalities
    but it was shaped because of them!

    thanks for the splendid lines…


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