Pope Francis Deserves to be Left Alone

Pope Francis deserves to be Left Alone

By Apolinario Villalobos

The new pope is not being political when reaches out to people, and in so doing, travels around the world. He does not choose who to hold or hug or kiss. He does not preach about the magnificence of the papacy and the Vatican…in fact, he is obviously, embarrassed about them. He does not preach to convert, but speaks about universal love and compassion. This is how evangelization should be done, by not talking about the church to which one belongs, but letting other people read his intentions through his actions and pronouncements.

It should be recalled that Francis, upon his assumption of his papal post, started his campaign for the practice of humility when he chose to live in an austere apartment, rather than the luxurious suite reserved for popes. He wanted to be just like anybody else, so he has no qualms about carrying his meal tray when he dines in the canteen with the rest of lay people. He has no aides at his side 24/7, except when on official trips. And, he carries his own bag when he travels!

Instead of bashing him on the internet, those who are anti-pope, anti-Christ, anti-Vatican, and anti-Roman Catholic should try to understand his messages first. They should view the new pope as Francis, a former bishop, an ordinary guy, who assumed the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church which was not his choice in the first place. Francis is not presenting himself as the new Messiah or Prophet. His mission is to spread love and not hatred. He is not even asking to be loved, but for others to include him in their prayers.

Why can’t the bashers just write something about the devilish leaders of nations whose selfish acts trespass other nations’ rights? Why can’t they exhaust their effort in condemning the acts of ISIS advocates who are now being loathed by their fellow Muslims? Why can’t they just write about the conscienceless terrorists who sow fear throughout the world? Why can’t they look around them and paint with words the gruesome poverty and splash them on the internet for the world to see?

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