Osmeña Peak : Amazing O’ Peak

something new…but for the curious who will go there, follow instructions…bring back your trash to “civilization” when you come down…do not leave them up there…

Climbing Osmeña Peak is the most memorable experience that I had in conquering a mountains so far. It was not difficult as other mountain but I didn’t imagine that i would have the chance to set my foot in this highest point in Cebu.
I left Cebu City to Dalaguete at exactly 7:00 in the morning. It was 2 hours bus ride to Dalaguete junction. From there, I hired a motorcycle (Habal-habal) going to Manatalongon where the jump-off point is located. It was roughly 40 minutes habal-habal ride to the Jump-off point from Dalaguete Junction. The scenic-view was worth it for the butt-numbling ride. According to the habal habal driver Manatalongon is the main supplier of vegetable in Cebu city and it is renowned as the little Baguio of Cebu for its cold temperature and mountainous place.
I arrived in the jump-off point at 10:00 am and I was not…

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