Man’s Life Revolves around Reasons

Man’s Life Revolves around Reasons

By Apolinario Villalobos

Everything that man does is founded on reason. There is always a reason for everything he does, and the following are just some of them:

For stealing- to save the family from starving to death, or for those in the government, just

for the heck of it because colleagues  do it.

For saving – to purchase a car, house, food, or gun to avenge the death of a loved one,

or hold others up for their money and become rich.

For committing suicide – to end the agony of depression and bid goodbye to the cruel world.

For making love – to consummate marriage or close relationship (even of same sex),

or sometimes to procreate, or more simply, to enjoy life.

For killing- to defend life and property, or just for fun, while under the influence of illegal drugs and liquor.

For drinking liquor- to drown sorrow and float on euphoric bliss.

For indulging in Bacchanalian splurges (uncontrolled eating and drinking)- to divert attention from loneliness, and for those in the government, while there is money left in the coffer.

For becoming a religious evangelist- to achieve a triple indulgence, such as money, spiritual fulfillment and fame, the better to attract candidates who want sure votes during elections in the Philippines.

For becoming a teacher- to show the world that even an average or below average guy can mold a future president, congressman, senator, lawyer, physician, priest, dictators, robbers, drug dealers, etc.

For becoming a Certified Public Accountant- to manifest love for numbers that can be juggled when keeping the book of earnings of businessmen, and of course, earn more numbers with monetary sign for keeping their two books – sure way to get rich quick.

For becoming a policeman- to arrest criminals, thefts, as well as, drug dealers, and confiscate their “goods” for “safekeeping” and “appropriate action” later on. Not all does the last reason…many are still straight.

Finally, the reasons why man is born are: LOVE that binds honest, sincere, and faithful couples; and LUST…of the rapist, adventurous teen-aged sweethearts, and irresponsible parents.

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