Omapuy Island (Tawi-tawi, PH)

here’s an intrepid blogger who dared travel to Tawi-tawi…makulit talaga, hindi natakot…pero successful naman…congrats!

No Juan Is An Island

The happiness of travelling relies on the individual meaning we attach to it. To some, it means indulging on a lavish and comfortable trip on well-known tourist attractions; to others, it is about taking a tightwad method if you’re on a shoestring account; while a small number would opt to spend a few of their bucks to set foot on off-beaten destinations. Well, it really doesn’t matter, so long as you take pleasure in the journey and what the destination has to offer you.


Exploring the road-less travelled has satiated my sense of curiosity for the past years. The Philippines being an archipelago offers a wide array of stunning islands – from those that have graced the covers of travel magazines (like Boracay and Palawan) to those that have been written about by only a handful wanderlusts, like Tawi-Tawi and Sulu.


My sense of nosiness and adventure made me want…

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