Let’s Eat: Tawi-tawi Food

more on Tawi-tawi, to better understand our southern brods and sis…congrats for the nice blog!

No Juan Is An Island

One thing I look forward during a visit to a new place is the food. My recent trip to the Philippines southernmost province, Tawi-tawi, was a feast not only to the sense of sight (for its endless stunning sceneries) but also a delight to the sense of taste. Here are 4 of my favorite dishes during my Tawi-tawi sojourn.


TIYULA ITUM: (Black Soup with Burnt Coconut)

Tiyula itum is a beef soup-stew of Tausug origin (Tausug is a tribe in Mindanao). According to a local, this dish is always served at weddings, or at any other celebration. It’s most striking characteristic is its black – dark grey colour, that may come across un-enticing. The dark colour is because of the burnt coconut which adds up to a more distinct taste to the stew. I have come to know that it is actually an ingredient unique to the Tausug cookery.

Tiyula itum’s meat seem to have…

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