Sambawan Island (Biliran, PH)

No Juan Is An Island

Sambawan Island is a top destination of the 4th smallest island province in the Philippines, Biliran. Part of the island municipality of Maripipi, this up-and-coming gem  is a world of enchantment with its shifting blue to green crystal clear waters, undulating cliffs, teeming corals, IIndian almond (talisay/Terminalia capitata) trees dotting the white coralline and sandy shoreline, and a few karst formation. The best part? The island’s irresistible charm is not messed up by commercialism (yet, and hopefully would be kept that way).


Personally, the view offered by this island from the top of its hills has to be one of the most picturesque I have seen. I can just sit down all-day and gaze my eyes at the very pleasant, 360-degrees sight that can make you forget how life can be torturing at times. Since I cannot fully describe how lovely and stunning and lovely and stunning and (you…

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