Please Don’t Call It “LECHON de LECHE” (Roast Pig)


Please, try not to say lechón de leche; the first word is enough. Lechón is a Spanish food term for roasted sucking pig.  The root word of lechón is leche, or milk.  See, the piglet is so young, it’s still feeding on its mother’s milk.

However, to be able to provide for more guests, party hosts, caterers, and lechón sellers have modified the practice of roasting just piglets and have began to cook medium- to large-size specimens.

The word lechón has also come to mean the process by which other animals are dressed, skewered, seasoned, and roasted over coals.  Hence, we see lechón baka (roasted calf), lechón bibe (roast duck), etc.  Additionally, the term is now applied to deep-frying, as in lechón kawali (pan-roasted pork).  The original method of roasting over coals is replaced by cooking a cut of pork in plenty of oil to produce the same crunchy…

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