Feet as Food (Not Talking Fetishes Here!)


I once went to an Asian food store with my friend Mark to show him some merchandise not carried by his mainstream supermarket. After seeing packages of chicken gizzards, tubs of pig brains, trays of cow tongue, etc., he muttered, “I think I’m losing my lunch.”  Many Americans are not exposed to the realities of animal anatomy. Their supermarkets are generally too antiseptic: no fish heads, no large-animal intestines, no pig ears, no body parts considered “yucky.”

To honor Quillan and Angela of http://toemail.wordpress.com, I have written an article which harks back on their theme, yet stays in mine, too.

Three Philippine food items stand out in my mind: barbequed chicken feet called Adidas; the widely-favored pork hock stew, paksiw na pata;  and the comforting soup dish, bulalong baka.

Chicken feet as food is not unique to the streets of Manila; they are also featured in the cuisines of…

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