Lulugayan Falls (Calbiga, Samar PH)

No Juan Is An Island

In life, we are confronted with several options. Travelling may serve the same options life gives – the more popular and safe ones or the off-beaten tracks that is defined by uncertainty. Which path to take is determined entirely by our own actions, our decisions, and our priorities. I personally like roads that are less travelled. One of my backpacking experiences in the Visayas has led me to explore a place only to most locals knew of. DSC_3903 After an awesome trip to Biri and Capul Islands in Northern Samar, my friend Imma and I were off to Tacloban. But for some reasons, we ended up working pur way to a quiet town in Western Samar called Calbiga. Calbiga is home to a cave system known to some. But we were more interested when their tourism officer mentioned about a falls they call their version of a “Mini Niagara” at this…

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