The 2016 Philippine Presidential Election…could be the worst

The 2016 Philippine Presidential Election

…could be the worst

By Apolinario Villalobos

In the eyes of the ordinary Filipino, the 2016 Philippine Presidential election will be “bloody” and full of frauds, aside from very expensive due to the expected massive vote-buying that will happen. The following are the reasons why:

  • Roxas, Pnoy’s bet must win so that he (Pnoy) will be assured that his cases and planned suits will not prosper. If Roxas wins, he will find his hands full of indebtedness to people, aside from Pnoy, who wanted him to sit as president so that they can go on with their corrupt practices, by virtue of manipulation.
  • Binay must win so that his graft cases will not prosper, especially, if the corrupt congressmen who stand as the majority in the Lower House will cross over to his side of the fence. Binay’s success will also signal the victory of Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla, who may even be granted “temporary” release from their detention, and Pnoy will have his share of humiliating court appearances.  Binay might even be supported by militants who are observably very silent when it comes to issues against him.
  • If Poe wins, both Pnoy and Binay will surely spend days in court to defend themselves for graft cases filed against them. The only hope of Poe is the united stand of the different Christian churches. Militants will definitely not support her. If, the Roxas camp will be split at the last minute in her favor, she will have a chance of winning. Those from the Roxas camp who will support her, are the “trapos” (traditional politicians), who will again change their color, hoping that they can control the inexperienced Poe, hence, continue in pursuing their selfish motives which stinks of corruption.

Because of the above situations, both the Roxas and Binay camps will exert deadly effort, though separately, to discredit Poe. The Roxas camp will do it very subtly, while Binay’s will be severe, touching even on trivial matters, such as Poe’s adoption, which it is doing now. But, the bitter fight shall be between Roxas and Binay.

The campaign season will make the electorate temporarily rich because of the expected flood of cash, although, some bills shall be bogus or fake, as usual. Electoral campaigns shall be characterized by cash dole-outs even in broad daylight, without fear or timidity. Most alarming, though, is that the people behind the “hello Garci” scandal are still lurking in the COMELEC!

The Commission on Election is expected to play “helpless” on election-related problems due to their claim for inadequate facilities and staff, as their way of washing their hands every time problems crop up during election. Expect, too, finger-pointing on the foreseen failure of vote-counting due to breakdowns of the already inadequate computers.

Worst, there may be attempts to declare a failure of election and a military take-over. The forthcoming election is expected to be chaotic because honor and integrity of the families concerned, except that of Poe’s, are at stake!

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