The Binay Camp has ran out of gimmicks against Poe…so it resorted to the adoption issue

The Binay Camp has ran out of gimmicks against Poe

….so it resorted to the adoption issue

By Apolinario Villalobos

Desperate is how the Binay camp can be described in its effort to disintegrate the persona of Grace Poe as the formidable opponent of Jejomar Binay in his quest for the presidential post. With nothing else to throw to her face, they used the adoption issue…and the technicalities, yet! The spokesperson of the Binay camp sounded dolefully as its spokesperson, read a litany of technical errors on the adoption process, especially, on the date that Grace Poe was adopted by a yet-to-be-married Susan Roces and Fernando Poe, hence, a question on their “capability” to adopt as “unmarried persons” which shows their lack of “parental personality”.

Whoever thought of such strategy clearly is out of his mind, as it just drives voters to the side of Poe because of the Filipino culture that makes them love the underdog and the oppress. Not even the issue on “inexperience” can be used against Poe, as not all presidents of the Philippines or any country for that matter did not become vice-presidents first. The primary issues on the forthcoming 2016 election are “cleanliness” and “integrity”.

In the Philippines, the experience of the president who held several elected positions in the past, especially, vice-presidency, clearly show that it did not help in improving the situation of the country. On the contrary, because of the experience which is heavily tainted with learned corruption, the situation of the country just got worse. How much more if a guy has decades of such kind of “experience”?

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