Ronnel Basco: the patient IT Guy of Netopia-SM City/Bacoor

Ronnel Basco: the Patient IT Guy

of Netopia – SM City/ Bacoor

by Apolinario Villalobos

What will you do if you are at the end of your wits after four rejections from internet cafés that could not open the files in your USB? Without an umbrella on the rainy day of August 12, I had to run from one sidewalk to the next in an effort to prevent the raging rain from soaking me to the bones until I finally reached the SMCity/Bacoor mall where I tried to dry myself up. It was while I was pondering on whether to look for another internet café after the rain when I thought of trying my luck in the Netopia internet café on the third floor of the mall.

Without telling the attendant about the problem as he might reject my requirement, too, I outright asked his help to open the USB that I brought. He was Ronnel Basco whose cool countenance impressed me as he successfully opened the device after several attempts. I noticed something that he did as he inserted the USB to the port, as if patiently coaxing the computer to open it and read the contents which it finally did after several minutes. Actually, the USB was my friend’s, who just gave me the title of the file.

Mr. Basco went through the routine of assisting me look for the file that I wanted printed and transferred to another USB. Four painstaking attempts did the trick! The big relief, practically vanished my frustration, coupled by discomfort from my rain-drenched shirt. What was more striking in Mr. Basco’s attitude was his patience in attending to the calls of other customers, during which he would leave me for a while with apologies. The café was full at the time, and I was really fortunate to have been given the attention and assistance that I direly needed.

What I observed further, was the precision in the systematic actions and professional attitude of Mr. Basco and his co-employees toward all customers, be they browsers or just walk-ins who inquire for other services. Impressively, everything that they did was without a hint of haste. I also heard suggestions that they did not hesitate in giving to the customers, and who appreciated them.

The persevering and patient attitude of Mr. Basco was an immense contrast to the lack of sympathy and concern from the attendants of the four other internet cafes that I visited earlier, who gave me outright rejection after failing to open the USB with just a single attempt. Without even looking at me in the eye, they just said “sorry”… just like that, short of showing me the door.

The likes of Mr. Ronnel Basco, are what service-oriented business entities need. He manifested that good attitude of employees can never be overshadowed by expensive advertisements in selling a product or service. As I walked out of the Netopia café that afternoon, I decided to become their unsolicited “walking billboard”…because of Mr. Basco.

2 thoughts on “Ronnel Basco: the patient IT Guy of Netopia-SM City/Bacoor

  1. I like this story a lot, it shows how just a little extra time can really make someone’s day. I really like that you’re expressing gratitude and that you recognized the part he had in your day. Excellent post!

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