A Nation is Like a Restaurant

A Nation is Like a Restaurant

By Apolinario Villalobos

A nation is like a business enterprise such as a restaurant. The nation’s president is equivalent to the restaurant’s manager. As the lawmakers formulate laws and policies that shall make the nation stable, so do cooks come up with dishes that should attract clientele that shall establish the likeability of the restaurant. The waiters, assistant manager, dishwashers and the rest of the staff of the restaurant, correspond to the plain citizens, government officials and employees of the nation.

Just like a restaurant that is poorly managed, thereby, fail to attract customers, so will a nation  fail to attract visitors due to poorly- managed total governmental system. Just like a restaurant whose menu contains the concocted dishes that should taste real good, the nation should also have infrastructures and programs for the convenience and satisfaction of visitors. If the customers of a restaurant are not satisfied with the advertised menus, they feel fooled, just like a nation that will earn the ire of unsatisfied visitors who experienced the chaotic traffic, blackouts, disrespect and opportunism of taxi drivers, and wavering security on the streets.

A restaurant needs only to satisfy its customers who will spread with their unsolicited word-of-mouth advertisement their good impressions, just like a nation whose satisfied visitors do not need prodding in telling their friends back home about their nice and memorable experience.

Just like a restaurant, a nation can also face bankruptcy…

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