On the Philippines’ Desire in Hosting International Events

On the Philippines’ Desire in

Hosting International Events

By Apolinario Villalobos

The arrogance of the Philippine government is such that it does not think twice before offering the country as host to an international event despite inadequacies that made up reports about its progress and speeches cannot hide.

The latest issue on the attempted hosting is the failed bid of the country for the FIBA tournament which China got hands down. Not even a Manny Pacquiao or a Lou Diamond Philip was able to help sway the decision of the panel in favor of the Philippines, the wooing strategy of which was pitifully hinged on the Filipinos’ traits, hospitality, tourist attractions. China simply showed the hi-tech airport, venues and absence of traffic. So without much ado, China got it!

The Philippine government must accept the fact that the country has many inadequacies though they cannot stop us from being proud as Filipinos for having beautiful beaches and other tourist attractions. But progress is not just about having beautiful countryside, caves, mountains, etc. We should stop pretending that we are on the same level with China, Japan, and even our neighboring Southeast Asian countries. I am just being honest. We should acknowledge our inadequacies and work on how they can be transformed into plus factors. Unfortunately, the government is so corrupt that even if the people are willing to do their share, their effort becomes futile.

Of what use is hosting international events, if majority of the population is wallowing in almost all kinds of misery? How can we be proud of the crowded premier airports of Manila? How can we be proud of the slums that the tourists see along the way to their hotels from the airport? How can we be proud of the perpetual traffic along all thoroughfares of Manila and even major cities of the country? How can we be proud of the shameful and antiquated mass transit systems? How can we be proud of the opportunistic taxi drivers at the airport terminals of Manila? How can we be proud of the waterways that overflow with garbage resulting to floods even during a short rainfall? How can the Filipinos be proud of their government’s habit to borrow money and spend some of it in hosting international events, instead of their basic needs?

The government should stop this kind of arrogance as it just emphasizes the sickening corruption that eats up its system! It must wake up from daydreaming and bravely face the hurting reality! Hosting international “lively” events cannot hide its failures if that is its objective.

4 thoughts on “On the Philippines’ Desire in Hosting International Events

  1. Honestly, I find it funny na anlakas nga ng loob ng Pilipino para maghost ng FIBA. hindi man lang talaga nila naisip yang mga inenumerate nyo pong mga kakulangan tapos ang yabang pa natin. haynaku lang. on the other hand, it sucks that China got it. hehe

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