Intrepid Me….a tribute to travel bloggers

Intrepid Me

(Tribute to tireless travel bloggers)

by Apolinario B Villalobos

At the crack of dawn

While the rest of humanity

Are still curled up in their bed

I’m already up, eager, excited;

I hit the road, buoyed with lightness –

Letting my feet just carry me on

As I unwind my pent up energy

That gives me a feeling of ecstasy.

With cell phone, notebook and pen

Camera, batteries, biscuits, candies

Towel, extra shirt, coins and bills –

All backpacked, I trek over hills;

A shot here and there, mesmerized –

A stop here and there, hypnotized –

Only aahs and oohs, I say nothing more

As the searing sun, I patiently endure.

The world is my home, it’s where I belong

I let no oceans and seas hinder me, there are ships

I let no great distance distress me, there are airplanes

I let no meager funds discourage me, I can scrimp

I let no insufficient language daunt me, I can make signs

I let no difference in culture deter me, I can learn

I let no difference in climate frighten me, I can adapt

This is me, intrepid me, my desire to explore is my map!

8 thoughts on “Intrepid Me….a tribute to travel bloggers

    • you deserve the break…pinagmamalaki kita bilang isang matinik na travel and foodie blogger…maraming napapa-wow kapag sinabi kong young ka pa….by the way, sana nakasali ka sa PAGCOR photo contest kung hind ka nag-out of town…sayang!…welcome home!

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      • Hi sir idol! Salamat po. Bigla naman po akong nahiya. maraming marami pa akong kelangang kainin na bigas hahaha. At wow, ulit, di ko po alam ung PAGCOR contest. Bale next week po, absent po ulit ako dito sa wordpress ng mga 8 days at pupunta naman po akong Tawi-Tawi at Basilan. hehehe

        Liked by 1 person

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