What Osmena, Roxas and Pnoy should Do to Help the Country at this Time

What Osmeῆa, Roxas and Pnoy

Should Do to Help the Country at this Time

By Apolinario Villalobos

On Osmeῆa….he should stop analyzing the presidential capability of Grace Poe, even declaring that she is just good for the vice-presidency. Osmeῆa, himself, has proved nothing as a lawmaker so he is not in the position to judge his fellow politicians. It is a good thing that Grace Poe fought back by saying that many so-called seasoned politicians assumed responsible positions but proved to be just disappointments due to their misdoings. Osmeῆa should open his eyes and ears to understand the message of Poe.

On Roxas….he should stop talking like a puppet echoing the “tuwid na daan” and “reforms” that are the daily mumblings of Pnoy, his boss, to whom he kowtows with all loyalty and sincerity. Roxas is just showing his lack of backbone in all his statements and actions. He should come up with his own platform that may be related to what his boss promised but did not accomplish, if that is what he wants to do – at least he can be original somehow. He should prove that he has his own will power, and not a copycat.

On Pnoy….he should stop talking about his “tuwid na daan” and “reforms” because Filipinos have not seen anything yet that can give substance to those promises. All he showed was insensitivity to the popular clamor of the populace to remove from their positions his inept and questionably performing buddies. Because of his inaction, the country slid miserably more into helplessness. The guy’s promises have been proven to be shams that just became butts of joke. Corruption under his administration got worse, and even assumed a somewhat legal image. He may not be corrupt, himself, but his tolerance of such misdoing makes him one, as he is aware and even becomes a party. If he is not aware of this, it just proves that he is not really listening to his “bosses” as he promised. Unsavory stories about his attitude never fail to fill to pages of tabloid and broadsheets, even the airwaves.

Of late, it has been discovered that the much and perpetually questioned pork barrel is again inserted in the 2016 budget. Is this what Pnoy is saying about his “reforms”? What reform is he talking about when he is obviously tolerating the commission of corruption? He must stop talking about his two trademarks to give relief to the Filipinos who are getting tired of his mumblings!

2 thoughts on “What Osmena, Roxas and Pnoy should Do to Help the Country at this Time

  1. if I may add, Binay should face the investigations in the senate. Guilty or not, this would be an even greater help when we choose our leader in 2016. If he’s guilty, then he should not win. if he’s innocent, then the country may potentially lose the opportunity of having an effective leader who will run the country in the next six years. Now that’s help we need.


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