Tolerance should be Respected

Tolerance should be respected

By Apolinario Villalobos

There is nothing wrong with tolerance which even the people’s pope, Francis is practicing. It is important however, that we should recognize and respect such. It should be noted that our rights end where the rights of others begin. Tolerating the ways of others should not mean that they are given the right to go beyond the line beyond which others dwell on their own rights.

In this regard, it is important that religions should be tolerated and respected – not abused and ridiculed. The latest bombing of Charlie Hebdon in France is a clear manifestation of how some people can have the temerity to ridicule other people’s religion, this time, Islam. The bombed group even has the gall to justify their act by mentioning that the new pope had his share of ridicule, but the latter did not react. How can these people forget that human beings differ in their degree of tolerance?  …or better, people belonging to different races differ in character from each other? Why can’t these French just ridicule their fellow French, for fun?

Most importantly, religion is such a sensitive issue deserving utmost respect. Its spirituality deserves the highest degree of esteem, as it deals with a person’s total being – his life and relationship with his Creator. And, nobody has the right to question such faith.

The Islamic State issue is more than annoying enough that it even disheartens some Muslims who go against the violent ways of the said movement. Comparing faiths at this time is uncalled for and can just worsen the heating up friction between the Christian and Islamic faiths. Groups of so-called “concerned intelligentsia” are nothing but hypocrites who cannot even discern the simple meaning of the “Golden Rule”.

Finally, the best act that one can do if he desires to go beyond boundaries of differences is by simply extending a hand beyond them for the sole purpose of helping.

4 thoughts on “Tolerance should be Respected

    • simply stated…if Christian Missionaries, for instance, will go to Muslim communities in Mindanao to preach, they should be given utmost tolerance and such should be respected…by the way, I am referring to Mindanao Island of the Philippines where there is an issue between the Muslims and Christians…also, if a person is gay, he should be tolerated for as long he or she does not kill anybody, as it is not his or her fault to be born gay…and that tolerance should be respected, too….thanks!


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