The Mental Exercise in the Cyberspace also Benefits the Body as a whole

The Mental Exercise in the Cyberspace

also Benefits the Body as a Whole

By Apolinario Villalobos

The developers of blog sites such as blogspot, wordpress,Tumbler, facebook, etc., must have known the fact that all men have related ideas but some just beat the rest in posting them, hence, the buttons for the “like” and “comment”. If the viewer of a blog for instance, conforms to it because he has the same idea, he clicks the “like”, and if he feels like bringing out his own, he clicks the “comment” and proceeds to enhance the blog. That is the reason why posted or blogged materials are called “shares”.

Bloggers tickle the mind of viewers so that they will let go of what they harbor deep within the recesses of their brain. This makes the bloggers as initiators of discussions in forums of various blog sites. Some viewers may not even be aware about their ideas until they have come across blogs related to theirs. The only problem in this healthy exercise, are the “bashers” who muddle the discussion by interjecting unnecessary and irritating remarks. These are the viewers who try to join the intellectual intercourse, but could not honestly accept their limitation that gives them a feeling of inadequacy. What the “bashers” should do is absorb, instead, what are shared by bloggers and viewers to enhance their bit of knowledge on what are being discussed.  This opportunity should be seized by the “bashers” to enhance what teeny weeny bit of information they may have in their brain.

A simple vintage photo about happy school days posted on the facebook is enough to agitate the memory of the viewer while identifying those giving their best pose, which means that he is “exercising” his brain. A simple quote about the Virgin Mary or Jesus or the Pope or Mother Theresa, is enough to make a viewer think of something that can be correlated to it – another mental exercise. And, a long dissertation on politics, history, or science can provoke a viewer to think deeper for a better analysis of what is being shared – still another exercise, though, a heavy one.

The internet has given us a cheap opportunity to keep us mentally fit and healthy. All we need to do is just browse through the sites, absorb what we need, and share what we got. The brain is just like the body that needs an exercise, otherwise, if left idle, it will just be wasted and turn into a worthless gray matter that crams the head.

What is nice about the various cyberspace forums is the opportunity to execute what are being shared. Some viewers have learned how to cook through internet browsing. Still others somehow learned of their country’s history though shared trivia. Viewers whose farthest venture away from home is not more than fifty kilometers have learned about Africa through posted photos and travelogues. On my part, I must admit that through the cyberspace, I was able to pick up information about the traditional medicinal herbs that I need to improve my health. In other words, the mental intercourse in the cyberspace also benefits not only the mind, but the whole physical being of the viewer, as well.

Finally, the “addicts” of the games such as “candy crush”, solitaire, etc., as well as, facebook, need not be bashful about them, because they also provide some kind of mental exercise in another form. They are the mental equivalent of the “twirking” and zumba physical exercises that the body needs for toning. So the next time you tell your friends about the point you have earned in the nerve-wrecking and mentally taxing “candy crush”, be proud of it. You should also be proud and feel emotionally-boosted, after you have successfully located your childhood friends and classmates through facebook…so, now you can look forward to a grand and jovial reunion!

2 thoughts on “The Mental Exercise in the Cyberspace also Benefits the Body as a whole

  1. Blogs and various websites indeed provide internet users a lot of benefits, among them the introduction of new / contrary ideas into the minds of blog readers, the fostering of friendships and family connections, and on-line entertainment.

    We must also realize some disturbing findings regarding internet use. Did you know that the Philippines ranks second in the world on screen usage? Our countrymen spend too much time watching TV and using laptops/PCs or smartphones or tablets !

    A lot of lost productivity is the result, for — in all probability — not all these media devotees are workers whose jobs entail the use of such communications media.

    SOURCE: Global Internet Trends And Screen Time Report For 2014


    Another question to ask ourselves: what are we doing to our eyes when we spend too much time staring at a screen? Eyestrain is a common result, and the medical field has come up with a name for this new set of problems: computer vision syndrome (CVS).

    The term includes a wide range of eye problems experienced by users of computers or laptops, tablets and smartphones. They must work their eye muscles to focus on the screen, re-focus their vision as they look at something else, and then look back at the screen. Children are also vulnerable to this, since they can spend hours playing on portable video games or tablets, sometimes under low light. SOURCE:


    • Thanks for this very informative comment…I think I will make a follow up, especially, on the aspect of eye-care, magri-research pa ako tungkol sa “syndrome” that you mentioned… and sa effect on the people’s productivity…shocking is the info on the Philippines’ no. 2 as regards usage of the internet….grabe pala!


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